SIM2’s Fuoriserie Makes World Debut at CES 2013

SIM2_LumisFuoriserie-0113What do you give the person that has everything? In answer to that question, SIM2 has launched its LUMIS Fuoriserie projector at the home of bling, CES in Las Vegas.

Fuoriserie is used in Italy to describe a custom-built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive auto that “qualifies the owner’s financial ability and desire to stand out from the crowd.”

SIM2’s wants Fuoriserie to have only the latest, most carefully selected components (each one individually tested). That built-out quality gives it high performance, coupled with SIM2’s signature red-gloss finish, SIM2’sLUMIS Fuoriserie embodies luxury.

The LUMIS Fuoriserie will only be made available to SIM2 Premiere dealers and is rumored to cost $100,000.

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