SIM2 to Launch HDR SIM2 Dual System at CEDIA EXPO 2016

cec5b2f2-5e1f-444c-96c6-d8b1ddeca425Dallas, TX – September 15th, 2016: SIM2 will show the Real High Dynamic Range projection system capable of delivering up to 9.000 Ansi lumens (in 2D mode).

SIM2 has been designing and manufacturing HDR products since 2007 and believes Real HDR (High Dynamic Range) has a dramatic effect on picture quality and perceived image resolution, as it delivers a dynamic range more closely matched to the human visual system. HDR SIM2 Dual System – the only one available in the market – uses two custom-tuned projectors (with different optics, firmware and set up) optimized to produce a combined image that has a dynamic range of more than 14 f-stops.

The SIM2 HDR SYSTEM is available in the USA market through the support of DCI Central.
DCI -CENTRAL Alan Gouger said of SIM2 HDR System: “DCI – Central is proud to represent SIM2 and their HDR projector line as their key distribution channel in the United State. SIM2 has set the standard again delivering the highest dynamic range HDR projection system available for the consumer market. We are not aware of any other single consumer projector claiming to be HDR ready that is able to produce the dynamic range needed to display a more accurate HDR image.”

“We are very proud of the extraordinary performance of our HDR Projection System.” stated SIM2 R&D and HDR Director, Domenico Toffoli, adding: “It’s the result of many years of continuous research, development and improvements, and we found in DCI Central the right know-how and capability to express in whole the potentiality of our solution.”

The system will be available as of September 2016. MSRP for the HDR SIM2 Dual System Cinema starts at 120.000$.

Scheduled presentations of HDR SIM2 Dual System will take place during the show.