SIM2 and Entertainment Experience Team Up for HD Media Systems

SIM2 and a company called Entertainment Experience say they will offer home consumers an All-in-One Digital Entertainment Media System that provides professional cinema quality systems for all entertainment media including digital motion pictures from HDGIANTS.

The SIM2 and Entertainment Experience System includes the Grand Cinema C3X 1080 or HT5000E 3-chip DLP projectors and an Entertainment Experience Media Center that manages Blu-ray and DVD, Playstation and Xbox Games, HDTV, HD Video, Personal Computer and HDGIANTS digital movies.

The Entertainment Experience Media Center provides the core media management and supports 1080p and 720p, all major color and encoding standards including Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H.264, and VC1 at bit rates up to three times higher than conventional HD and full Microsoft Digital Rights Management with HDCP display file encryption.   The system also claims to provide automatic contrast control for differing levels of ambient light (although not specifying exactly how they are doing that).  In addition, the Media Center can switch what SIM2 calls “an Audio/Video Signal (AVS) Processor” among 18 video inputs including HDMI/HDCP, SD/HD component, S-video and composite and provide 2 HDMI output at 1920×1080, 60 Hertz. Thus, allowing home consumers to enjoy the proprietary cinema color on large screens for Blu-ray and DVD, Xbox and Playstation Games, HDTV, HD Video and Personal Computer input.  The AVS Processor also includes 10-bit processing, adaptive de-interlacing for both SD and HD, edge enhancement without ringing, adaptive noise reduction and extensive color and grey level calibration.