New SILVERSPOT Cinema Opens in rAVe’s Backyard

silverspot-cinema-1015We had the unique experience to be able to cover an AV story in our own backyard — here in Chapel Hill, NC. Last week, a new SILVERSPOT Cinema opened — only the second location in the USA. SILVERSPOT is a unique theater “chain” (we say that was they’re planning to open three more locations over the next year) that combines the look-and-feel of a home theater experience (with plush, interactive seating) and a restaurant into one movie theater. Sure, SILVERSPOT serves popcorn, Cokes and all the normal theater-fare that everyone eats using movies, but this theater chain has a full-service restaurant and bar that allows you to take it all in the theater with you — oh, in your pre-assigned seats.

Of course, we covered it for all the AV gear. The theater, dominated by 12 Barco Digital Cinema projectors includes one of the most sophisticated digital signage networks in the industry as it is customer-centric as well as interactive — from ticket sales to the concession stand signage.

rAVe reporter and movie-buff Nik Nepomuceno, interviewed both the Barco team on site for the opening as well as the CEO of SILVERSPOT. This video shows you the concept and explains how it all works: