SiliconCore Technology Launches 1.2mm LED Display at ISE 2023

SiliconCore Technology

SiliconCore Technology is launching into the outdoor market with a new 1.2mm LED display at ISE 2023. The SiliconCore 1.2mm Outdoor LED Display incorporates fully waterproof IP65 PCBs and a custom sub-frame can be made to any dimension, which increases scalability and allows for greater creativity. This modular approach used to build the 1.2mm Outdoor LED Display allows for increased content density. It also makes it easier to service in the field when compared to LCD alternatives, ensuring LED reliability with easy repairability.

SiliconCore’s patented Common Cathode Technology addresses the heat density concerns that enable this high-resolution 1.2mm pixel pitch for outdoor. The sustained brightness of 4000 nits, needed for outdoor high-density displays, is balanced by the low power consumption that only SiliconCore’s driver technology achieves. A single 72 inch display at maximum brightness with video content averages 500w and has a much longer operating life of two to three times more than LCD.

As a replacement for LCD, SiliconCore’s outdoor LED is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations and maintains a consistent brightness with an expected lifetime exceeding 10 years. Individual modules can be serviced or replaced rather than a full display replacement. These ROI improvements mark a shift towards miniLED solutions for outdoor and a turning point towards 1mm pitch outdoor solutions.