Silicon Image Intros New Family of Video Chips

siliconimage 0811

siliconimage-0811Silicon Image just announced its new family of cineramIC video processing IP cores, ranging from scalers and deinterlacers to video enhancement solutions such as noise reduction and edge enhancement. These IP cores are targeted for integration into digital video system-on-chip (SoC) designs to deliver optimal image quality for consumer electronics (CE), professional video processing, surveillance and medical imaging devices.

As you may know, Silicon Image’s new cineramIC video processing IP cores can be used in a variety of products where video and digital image enhancement is required. Adaptive scaling and deinterlacing IP cores modify the format of the video stream to compensate for differing video content formats and display resolutions. In many HD applications, low resolution compressed video must be decompressed and scaled up to the higher resolutions of today’s DTVs and displays. This can create noticeable image artifacts such as undesirable jagged edges on shapes and halos around text. Silicon Image’s video smoothing, detail and edge enhancement and mosquito noise technology help reduce the artifacts created by digital video scaling and compression.

Here are more details on the company’s OEM chips: