Signagelive Now Offers Complimentary One-Month EyeQuant Membership

signagelive eyequant

Signagelive announced a partnership “to help customers prove the effectiveness of their digital signage image and video content before it goes live.” In an exclusive tie-up with visual analytics company EyeQuant, Signagelive will offer support for data-driven content development, through a complimentary one-month EyeQuant subscription, worth over £375.

With this free month of unlimited EyeQuant neuroscientific analyses, Signagelive says it can help new and existing customers overcome the greatest difficulty when it comes to delivering impact-boosting digital signage — “creating consistently good content that converts.” Instead of having to guess which content design will drive the most engagement for a particular call to action, through EyeQuant, organizations can now generate the AI-driven insights they need to predict and validate, as well as maximize the impact of their campaigns.

EyeQuant says the “patented solution works by using a combination of advanced neuroscientific research, artificial intelligence and neural network modeling to simulate how people will perceive designs within the first three-five seconds of viewing.”

Here are the specifics: