Sightcorp Announces Full Integration of DeepSight Facial Analysis Toolkit With Broadsign Content Management Systems

Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit Integrates with Broadsign Content Management SystemsBroadsign and computer vision firm Sightcorp announced Sightcorp’s DeepSight Toolkit anonymous facial analysis solution is now fully integrated with the Broadsign Control content management system (CMS) and Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform (SSP). The combined technologies make real-time audience data more accessible for publishers to report accurate audience reach numbers and demographics for DOOH (digital out-of-home) campaigns.

Audience insights and data visualizations are based on live analysis captured on camera, including age, gender, impression, viewer counts and attention times. The Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit blurs all faces by default and processes all data offline and locally for privacy. Deep learning technology estimations are generated with the highest level of data accuracy. Sightcorp provides connectors and reporting templates for many business intelligence (BI) platforms, giving users the flexibility to import the audience data into their platform of choice via an API. The company also offers a full end-to-end reporting dashboard for new users within the ecosystem.

“We believe that this collaboration will help advance the industry, as advertisers can deepen their understanding of each audience for campaigns and adjust their media buys accordingly,” said Adam Green, SVP of Strategy, Broadsign.

“The next big step in DOOH’s evolution is to bring media buyers more meaningful audience reporting that they can leverage for real-time decision-making and comprehensive ROI measurement,” said Joyce Caradonna, CEO at Sightcorp. “Together, the DeepSight Toolkit with Broadsign Control and Broadsign Reach are moving the needle forward, helping DOOH reporting more closely resemble the online and mobile display ad analytics that digital advertisers are accustomed to use to understand the effectiveness of their ad spend.”