SI Launches Tiles Screen Tiling System for Video Walls

Screen Innovations (SI) at ISE launched something called Tiles, a new screen tiling system for the video wall category. Tiles can go as large as 288″ W by 162” H (330″ diagonal), and is 4K/8K+ rated and UHD/HDR ready. To build a Black Diamond video wall, panels are placed next to each other with a very small seam and stacked in a running-bond pattern. To ensure that the installation process is as time-efficient as possible, SI has designed a system that is 75 percent pre-fabricated; each panel then snaps into place with an attachment system that utilizes neodymium magnets. This installation process allows integrators to assemble a video wall of any size. All panels are precision-cut and stocked in three sizes: 45″, 50″ and 55″ for 16:9 and 43″, 48″ and 53″ for 16:10.