Shuttle Expands Product Range With All-in-One Player and Digital Signage Display

shuttle d230

Shuttle has expanded its product range to include an all-in-one player and vertically-oriented digital signage display with an elongated bar-type format. The D230 is a turnkey signage player has been designed specifically for shelf advertising in retail stores. An integrated camera allows target-group-specific content to be played using biometric recognition. The bright 23.1-inch screen can be divided into up to four segments which communicate different advertising messages directly at the POS.

The D230, aimed at retail installs measuring 29 × 603 × 75 millimeters (DWH), includes a 23.1-inch screen (1920 x 158 pixels) has an IP54 rating and is thus protected from dust and splashing of water. The target is retail.

The D230 houses a hexa-core ARM processor with up to 1.8 gigahertz, integrated graphics and 16 GB of eMMC flash memory. Memory for content can be expanded by using the provided micro SD card reader. The D230 also features a camera, WLAN, network with PoE support, speaker as well as audio and USB interfaces. Thanks to the D230 being fanless, it is particularly robust, low-maintenance and suitable for constant 24/7 operation at the same time.

With its mobile apps and browser-based control, Shuttle relies on intuitive operation which allows easy management without any prior knowledge. Content can be handled and transferred by LAN or WLAN.

As well as the stand-alone version with app management that was presented in the beginning, the D230 is also available as a server-based solution with enhanced functions which is able, for example, to carry out an analysis of customer behavior, taking account of eleven age levels, via the network.

The advantage of the server-based version of the D230 is that it allows content to be displayed in a much more targeted manner, taking account of biometric factors such as gender and age. It is also possible to analyze how often and by which group of potential customers the various advertising messages have been viewed. An additional Linux server can be used to edit content in a browser via a web interface. The extra features of the server-based version include the possibility of grouping multiple clients, the integrated media library on the server for content management, and the possibility of transmitting manually launched, time-limited advertising messages to the groups of machines via the web interface. This version can also optionally be expanded via the M.2 slot with a 4G modem for WLAN-independent internet access.

The D230 supports flexible screw mounting and can be hung up using universal shelf hooks. The optional accessory PD230 can be used to concatenate multiple D230 devices. The kit includes a connecting cable for the voltage supply, metal brackets and matching screws. This means that up to five D230 can be powered with just one power supply.

The Shuttle D230 is EUR 517.00 (ex VAT).