Shuttle Computer Group Launches New XS35V5 and XS36V5 Fanless Media Players


Shuttle Computer Group announced its XS35V5 and XS36V5 with improved graphics performance aimed at digital signage, kiosks and menu boards.

These new SFF computers from Shuttle feature:

  • Triple Play: The XS35V5 and XS36V5 have 4K or 1080p outputs on HDMI.
  • Fanless Design: Using a cooled heat pipe and sink technology, heat is transmitted throughout the system quickly and evenly. No fan means no noise and no dust or grease intake for improved operation in harsh environments.
  • Intel Inside: The XS35V5 and XS36V5 are equipped with an embedded Intel Celeron N3050 dual-core processor and support the Intel Braswell platform.
  • 24/7 Operation: With a low-power consumption design, the XS35V5 and XS36V5 are extremely reliable, even during long-term, nonstop operation.

A hallmark of Shuttle Computer Group is its ability to offer integrators imaging services and customized BIOS; these services are available to commercial clients. Shuttle assists its customers to define parameters and functions, and automatically uploads specified BIOS in each unit to make installation and use fast and easy.

The XS35V5 has an optional optical disk drive for legacy media and the XS36V5 has two RS232 ports.

The XS35V5 and XS36V5, both listing for $219, are here.