Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone Relaunched After ClearOne Injunction

Shure is relaunching an all-new design for the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone with Intellimix DSP, which the company will ship in December — and preorders are now open. You may recall that, in August of this year, the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois granted ClearOne an injunction against Shure for the previous version of the MXA910. According to Shure VP Jim Schanz, “We are confident this new version is compliant with the Court’s rulings and provides an attractive alternative to meet customer needs.”

The MXA910W-A Ceiling Array Microphone with IntelliMix DSP provides a solution for installation in 24×24 inch ceiling grids in the U.S and includes the same technology and performance as all prior versions.

Available in white (but also paintable for a variety of design aesthetics), the MXA910W-A features subtle adjustments to the form factor of its chassis design to ensure it is compliant with recent court requirements. Additionally, Shure continues to offer uninterrupted global availability of the MXA910 60cm version. This new mounting option joins a wide range of other mounting options including suspension mount, VESA pole-mount and hard ceiling mount, so consultants and integrators have a range of solutions compatible with any meeting room.

To reinforce Shure’s presence with MXA910, availability of the product in global regions is outlined below:

  • U.S./Canada/Mexico/Latin America – Continued availability of MXA910 60cm version for use in pole mount, cable suspension mount, and hard ceiling mount configurations. Late 2019/Early 2020 availability of new MXA910W-A version for 24×24-inch drop ceiling grids.
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand — MXA910 continues to be marketed, sold and installed without restrictions in all configurations. (The new MXA910W-A version is not necessary for these regions).
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This new MXA910 variant includes a totally new array microphone technology with Shure IntelliMix DSP — comprising acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic mixing. Shure says its new patent-pending autofocus technology continually fine-tunes the position of each lobe in real time, for consistent sound when participants lean back in their chairs or stand up.

It also provides “voice lift” technology, which restores the natural speech level of the talker evenly throughout the room, just enough so audience members can hear each other clearly without straining. Voice lift is useful in a number of applications and environments, particularly where the conversation is interactive and multi-directional, involving students or audience members in addition to a primary instructor or presenter at the front of the room. In training rooms, lecture halls and even large meeting rooms, voice lift makes it easier for a person in any part of the room to be heard evenly throughout the room.

The MXA910 with IntelliMix DSP has some “ease of deployment” features including simplified templates and Autofocus Technology for immediate out-of-box setup. Designer software compatibility provides unmatched ease of configuration, so installations can happen more quickly and efficiently. It can directly connect to a hardware or software codec using the DSP embedded in the ceiling microphone. When used with a Shure audio network interface (ANI), it provides users with a simplified room solution that provides a microphone and DSP in one package.

Integrators can also incorporate multiple MXA910 microphones and the Shure IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor for room expansion and scalability, using a distributed DSP architecture.

Here are the detailed specs.