Shure IntelliMix Room DSP 3.1 Blocks Keyboard Tapping and Chip Bag Noise from UCC Meetings

Shure IntelliMix Room DSP 3.1Have you ever heard or been the person addressed as, “What’s that noise? Could you mute your mic, please?”

That “noise” can range from someone tapping on the microphone or opening a bag of chips to silverware clinking when meals are served during meetings that span international time zones. Now, Shure IntelliMix Room DSP (version 3.1) software can eliminate random noises like clicks, clacks and clunks that distract you and attendees in meetings.

The updated IntelliMix Room DSP software includes an AI Denoiser audio processor. The algorithm is able to tell the difference between noises and speech and reduces the noise with virtually no audible effect on the speech. It can do this even when speech and background noise overlap.

Shure says the IntelliMix Room “Denoiser” removes many types of noises, including:

  • Pen clicking
  • Keyboard clacking
  • Food wrappers crinkling
  • Silverware clinking
  • Doors slamming

Here’s a video of it in action:

The Denoiser processing block works on the microphone channels while allowing other inputs with program material, such as presentation playback, to pass unaltered. IntelliMix Room’s Denoiser does not alter the sound of other program material such as PC audio playback. The Denoiser intensity can be set to Low, Medium or High depending on how completely you want it to eliminate background sounds. The High setting removes as much of the noise as possible. The Low setting preserves a small amount of the noise to prevent the audio from sounding unnatural. The algorithm was developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning.