Shure Expands Its SLX-D Digital Wireless Family

Shure Expands Its SLX D Digital Wireless Family

Shure announced the expansion of its SLX-D Digital Wireless family by introducing SLX-D Portable Systems, including the new SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless Receiver and SLXD3 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter. The company says the SLX-D Portables deliver scalability, high-performance wireless, superior digital audio, reliable RF performance and convenient power management of SLX-D in new, durable form factors designed specifically for film, electronic newsgathering (ENG), broadcast and video industries.

Shure says the  SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless Receiver is an SLX-D wireless receiver in a flexible, miniaturized form factor and can be installed on-camera through the provided cold shoe mount as well as in an audio bag, enabling full-featured use in any location. With IR Sync, users can easily pair receivers to transmitters for instant single-channel configuration. SLXD5 offers multi-mic mode, which facilitates managing and monitoring multiple sound sources from a single receiver.

43cc5196 a5ca 4726 b5fd eebea378e6e5 (1) copyThe company says the SLXD3 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter transforms any XLR source into a wireless one—including dynamic and condenser microphones. The SLXD3 provides phantom power and is ideal for wireless transmission from boom-mounted shotgun mics. Paired with the SM63L or SM58® (available separately), Shure says SLXD3 makes for the perfect interview microphone.


93261e97 3d8a 4739 aca4 3469cfbb49b5 (2) copyWith SLX-D Portables, Shure says users will not be required to change the gain setting on their transmitter, saving time and simplifying the path to crystal-clear audio. The portable systems achieve this with 24-bit digital audio and >118db dynamic range, providing the award-winning sound experience of the SLX-D Wireless platform to mobile productions.

While production conditions can be unpredictable, Shure says SLX-D Portables assure with worry-free UHF-band RF performance—32 channels per 44MHz band and 330-feet (100-meter) transmission range–and spectral efficiency to “deliver wireless audio anywhere, every time.”

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With quick, out-of-the-box installation and intuitive setup features, Shure says SLX-D Portables enable users to start recording immediately. The SLXD5 Portable Digital Receiver automatically scans for the best frequency and pairs it to the transmitter with IR Sync in seconds.

Both SLXD3 and SLXD5 feature an OLED screen where users can monitor battery life, meter audio and RF quality, as well as frequency tuning. SLX-D Portables are compatible with the full ecosystem of rechargeable Shure accessories, including the SB903 Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery and accompanying charging bays. Both SLXD5 and SLXD3 can be powered and charged by USB-C.

Pricing and Availability:

  • SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless Receivers are available today on and at select retailers for $379 (US).
    • Includes WA311 Cold Shoe Adapter, zipper carrying case, 3.5mm-XLR and 3.5mm-3.5mm audio cables, and two AA batteries – the Shure SB903 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, WA301 Water-Resistant Silicone Case, and SBC-DC-903 Battery Eliminator can be purchased separately.
  • SLXD3 Plug-on Digital Wireless Transmitters are available today on and at select retailers for $349 (US).
    • Includes leather belt clip/protective sleeve and two AA batteries –Shure SB903 Li-ion rechargeable batteries can be purchased separately.