ShowKube Unveils 4K Video Processor & Media Server

KShow 0313

KShow-0313ShowKube’s Kshow is a video processing system for projection that integrates a live mixer, a timeline and a 4K media server into one package. Designed for live-events multi-image processing, Kshow features a Linux-based 4U rack-mountable processor and all the workflows needed to prepare a show using its show driver, screen and layout editors and a flexible timeline.

Kshow claims that it makes it easy to adjust media for optimal projection on a diverse selection of screen shapes using edge blending and geometric corrections such as keystone, warping and mapping. It also features advanced live video source mixing with real time effects and transformations. Other features include:

  • Different video frame rates on a same screen composition
  • Management of synchronous and asynchronous video inputs
  • Unlimited windows cloning option
  • Advanced Media Manager with multiple effects (trimming, cropping, bright, glow, etc…)
  • Real time and independent adjustment of video outputs for keystone, warping, mapping, color correction and other effects
  • Management of windows (mask) and content layer (texture) from the timeline
  • Input resolutions from video to 1920×1200 and output native is 4096×2160 and can be mapped to 8182×8192.

ShowKube Kshow has two HD/SDI inputs, two DVI/VGA inputs and one streaming (network video) port and outputs on six DisplayPorts with three management preview ports. Here are all the specs: