Should We Still Be Labeled The AV Market?

namesticker-4-7I am wondering if we’re doing ourselves a disservice by continuing to label ourselves as the AV market.

Yes, I realize that perfectly wraps-up what we do 90 percent of the time, but what about the other 10 percent and, more importantly, what about all the emerging markets we are engaging in that aren’t as neatly packaged as AV?

Like what?

Well, digital signage, for one. Is digital signage AV? No. It certainly has AV in it – monitors, mounts, media players, HDMI wire, etc. But it’s got a whole lot more than that. The content that’s playing on the display is far from AV, right? Or, is it? Should we not all be doing content, thus, making content a product of AV – like videoconferencing or security – both recognized as part of the AV market by nearly everyone. Why not content creation? It’s not for lack of trying. In recent years, Christie, Almo ProAV, NEC and a handful of other companies out there have been adding content creation for digital signage applications – and some even do it for staging events, presentations and advertising content.

So, are we missing opportunity for content creation by calling ourselves only AV?

And, what about SmartBuildings? Another emerging opportunity for the AV integrator is consulting on the design and integration of all communications technologies in a newly planned (key word there – planned) building. In the SmartBuilding market, there are specific standard practices and procedures for doing stuff. In fact, that entire market has gone the way of 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) thanks to REVIT. So, something we once did in CAD, in the SmartBuilding market, it is now done using REVIT instead. Some have noticed – have you?

So, are we missing opportunity in SmartBuilding management and design by labeling ourselves as AV?

One of the biggest emerging markets I have seen recently is in the area of drones. Yes, drones. Why shouldn’t we be part of that market? Think that’s stupid? Well, Kevin Kelly, Stampede’s CEO, will probably be bummed that I told you that as it’s a huge part of their profit center right now. Sure, they still sell monitors, projectors and AV gear, but where they’re really making a ton of money right now is selling drones – that’s right, drones. Yep, it’s the most profitable thing they are distributing right now. So, Synnex, Almo, Ingram Micro – go for it!

So, are we missing an opportunity for helping guide the future of drones by labeling ourselves as AV?

I could keep going – 10/100 – Gbps network gear (thanks to a killer-company called Pakedge you can sell 10/100 – Gbps network switches, routers and hubs), power distribution (again, thank you Tripp-Lite for moving us there), low-power lighting – the entire industry is ours for the taking – how many of you are a dealer for CREE – this is the world’s leading driver to replace expensive lights with more efficient lighting.

I could go on and on.

Again, are we missing opportunity by labeling ourselves as AV? If so, what should we be called? Tell me?