Shinola’s Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors Debut

Shinola Audio has announced its Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors. Designed and developed in collaboration with Campfire Audio. The company claims the monitors deliver professional quality sound via wireless streaming.

Shinola Audio’s use of aptX Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a phone, tablet or computer. The Canfield In-Ear Monitors were designed  for both consumer and pro applications (for example, live event management). Some of the unique features are that it can be connected to two devices simultaneously, they are compatible with 24-bit audio with AAC, they use a USB-C connector rather than micro-USB and they include an 8.5-millimeter Beryllium Dynamic Driver.

The Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor joins the range of Shinola Audio products (Runwell Turntable, Wireless Bookshelf Speakers, Wired In-Ear, On-Ear, and Over-Ear Headphones) and are $250.00 and will be available mid November 2018. Here are all the specs.