Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America Debuts Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience

SIICA SEC synappx collaboration hub experience

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), today announced the debut of the Synappx collaboration hub experience. Combining the power of Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting, the Synappx collaboration hub creates a mobile-first experience, enabling participants to start a scheduled or ad hoc meeting on a meeting room display and automatically connect to in-room audio and video. Similarly, one tap is all that is needed to end the meeting session and close any shared content. Synappx works seamlessly with meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and GoToConnect.

Additionally, participants are able to control the meeting room’s in-room microphone and camera and share the screen from the Synappx mobile app, instantly connect with all available meeting room tech and dynamically share content from the cloud with attendees by simply tapping their phone on an NFC tag placed in the meeting room.

The Synappx collaboration hub experience is integrated with Sharp’s new PN-L2B AQUOS BOARD range of smart interactive displays. The 4K Ulta-HD PNL2B series includes an optional AV soundbar from Sharp with both a microphone array and speaker.

The latest versions of Synappx are available for download from the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store or Google Play — here are the details: