Sharp NEC Solutions Upgrades ME and MC Series Projectors

sharp nec me mc projectors

Sharp NEC Display Solutions announced its upgraded ME and MC Series projectors. Primarily designed for K-12 education, the upgraded projectors leverage new lamp technology that increases the brightness to between 4,000 and 4,500 lumens and features the longest lamp life on the market, extending to 20,000 hours in ECO mode.

Increased lumens equals brighter projection, a feature that provides a distinct advantage for supporting students in socially distant classrooms and hybrid learning models. With many K-12 classrooms having to accommodate desks in every corner of the room for social distancing protocols, it’s imperative that each student benefits from the bright, crisp content being projected. Installing brighter projectors and larger screens, the students in the very back corners of the room still have full advantage of the content on the screen.

Here’s a video on the new line:

A typical classroom uses its projector from five to eight hours per school day, five days a week for 38 weeks per school year. The new lamp technology in the ME and MC Series projectors is expected to last more than 6.5 years given this runtime scenario, even more if operating in ECO mode. With the already low cost of lamp-based projectors and effective elimination of manual bulb-replacement and maintenance for classroom projectors, the total cost of ownership for a lamp-based projector drops drastically overall.

The ME and MC Series projectors also deliver advanced networking features that simplify large deployments. The wired LAN connection allows for remote monitoring, control and reporting as well as email alerts and scheduling, which can greatly aid overall IT support of these assets. Free NaViSet software is also available for additional network-based control and asset management capabilities.