Sharp NEC Display Solutions Unveils a Partnership with Guise AI for NaViSense, a Computer Vision Technology

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Sharp NEC Display Solutions just unveiled a partnership with Guise AI for something called NaViSense, a computer vision technology.

NaViSense is a cost-effective computer vision solution for gathering anonymous customer attributes using off-the-shelf or existing camera sources and processing them through a variety of edge computing devices such as RPi4. This technology will gather data points such as the dwell time of people in front of the display, as well as a variety of other attributes, like their estimated age and gender, the brand of clothing they are wearing, traffic trends and more.

NaViSense technology will bring new features to currently available displays. Potential use cases include airports, restaurants, busy office buildings, banks and credit union branches and retail settings.

All of the information collected by NaViSense can be used to improve customer service and the customer experience. For example, in a retail setting, a deeper understanding of customer attributes, i.e., clothing color, clothing type and brand logos could inform product mix and digital content.

NaViSense is explained here.