Sharp NEC Display Solutions Announces LCD Laser Projector for Corporate, Higher Ed and Rental

projectorSharp NEC Display Solutions today announced the availability of the PA804UL LCD laser projector. Aimed at corporate, higher education and rental/staging applications, the first of the PA Series projectors is 8,200 lumens, dubbed the PA804UL, and is native 4K 60P resolution. Its dual blue laser systems offer white balance over the life of the projector and inorganic optical components create a longer lifetime for the units.

The PA804UL also includes a sealed LCD cooling system that prevents dust from reaching the optics, eliminating the need for a filter and removing concern and costs of maintenance. The projectors are available in black or white cabinets and feature greater installation flexibility with powered motorized bayonet-style lenses providing quick and easy exchanges.

Features include keystone correction, the ability to project 3D images, as well as geometric correction allowing users to project images on spheres, cylinders and other nonstandard surfaces. NEC’s ProAssist software allows adjustments to be carried out smoothly when combining several projectors together to project onto a large screen. ProAssist controls the projector and screen adjustments from a computer via a network. The PA series also claims the industry’s first built-in stacking correction capability for up to four projectors, allowing users to boost an image’s brightness up to 32,800 lumens, ideal for larger screens and environments with heavy ambient light.

Lens throw distances range from 2.5 to 68.5 feet and roll-free installation capabilities allow for portrait or landscape orientation, a vertical lens shift up to +50/-10% and a +/- 30% horizontal lens shift for easy alignment. Additionally, a wide range of connectivity options including HDBaseT input and HDBaseT repeater provide single connections for uncompressed HD digital video, audio, Ethernet power and various control signals. Connectivity options also include one mini stereo, HDMI1, HDMI2 and DisplayPort.