Sharp NEC Display Launches Two New C Series Displays, MultiSync C750Q and C860Q

Sharp NEC Display Solutions C series large format displays MultiSync C750Q and C860QSharp NEC Display Solutions announced the launch of two new C series large format displays, MultiSync C750Q and C860Q. The new displays are ideal for digital signage and presentations in corporate, retail or educational settings.

The NEC large C series displays are UHD native 3840 x 2160 resolution and HDR and have a contemporary mechanical design with focused aesthetics that allow for smooth integration into various environments. Its full metal chassis coupled with advanced heat management provide the expected professional quality necessary for 24/7 runtime capabilities in commercial environments. An ambient light sensor provides auto-dimming of the LED backlights, which adjusts depending on the external lux in the room. The screens feature anti-glare technology.

The C750Q and C860Q displays come equipped with the connectivity options necessary for varied applications, including corporate, retail and higher education. The displays also include an expandability option through the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot, allowing for separate modular cards to be inserted directly into the display. The displays also offer full external control through LAN or RS-232C.

These units also have full input detect functionality that allows the user to prioritize up to three inputs, which can be particularly critical during an emergency or for important presentations. If a primary source goes down, the display will automatically switch to whatever source that has been prioritized next. The first detect option also allows for the display to automatically turn onto any source that plugs into it, allowing the display to wake on any synced signal.

The C750Q and C860Q are set to begin shipping in early 2022.