Sharp Introduces Digital Signage Software for Large Networks

sharp-Digital_Signage_Software-1112Sharp announced this week latest version of Sharp Digital Signage Software (SDSS) Pro, which is designed for use with large networks. SDSS Pro includes Pro Manager, a new interface that can manage up to 1,000 screens. Pro Manager combines the launcher, content distributor and panel controller that are separate functions with other SDSS versions.

The Pro Manager interface allows users to:

  • Distribute to remote screens without fixed IP addresses
  • Filter the list of screens by location, name, status or other attributes
  • View the status of screens with easy to understand icons
  • View details of any screen, including distributed contents and time table
  • Send emergency messages to one or many screens
  • Manage power and input of remote screens
  • Update SDSS Viewer on remote screens

SDSS Pro joins the product family which includes SDSS Stand Alone, SDSS Network and SDSS Viewer. The Stand Alone version allows users to create programs, timetables and schedules for distribution on the same PC or via USB; the Network version allows for distribution via network for up to 100 screens. If distributing to different PCs, the Viewer is required at each target PC. Later this year, Sharp will introduce SDSS Web, which allows for multiple operators to access SDSS via a browser (requires client hosting).

MSRP for SDSS Pro (PN-SS05) is $7,195.

For more information, click here [PDF].