Drones in Shared Space – We Talk Commercial Usage, FAA Registration, CES2016 and More

The subject of drones technology in the AV industry has been analyzed and put under the microscope by many in the industry – there are the supporters, those that look for more information on commercial usage especially and then, the detractors. Why detractors? As with any technology that touches the AV market there will always be the detractors, those who will question its place be it concerning efficacy or even whether it belongs. We look deeper into technologies in AV, IT, IoT and more.

However with anything concerning such technologies, the industry, integrators and consultants do well coming to conclusions on whether certain technologies can fit within business models. And I also believe that listening to experts, as with any technology and solution, can better serve those decision-makers who deal with market sectors that can certainly benefit from such technologies.

drone in the air


On December 24th, I conducted a recorded discussion with two experts in the field to provide some further insights to drones, commercial usage and new FAA regulations for registration. We also talked about the upcoming CES show where drones are high profile and where commercial application is highlighted as well (sports, travel, real estate and more), as they also became a new and welcome profile for InfoComm. I talked with experts (who I referred to as the “Drone Patrol”) Christina Engh – COO at UA Solutions Group in Washington, DC and Bryan Sanders VP and Director of Customer Engagement at Homeland Surveillance and Electronics (HSE) LLC in Portland, Oregon about the title topics.

We began with discussion concerning drone and UAV, UAS, RPAS where Christina and Bryan give insight to definition and more. We then focused on the following:

A Million Drones Could Soon Take to the Skies (Inc.)
– including discussion on training and education as well as what comes along with the million plus aircraft (software, use cases and more).

Does My Drone Need to be Registered with the FAA? (Robotics Trends)
– Christina and Bryan give in-depth information on the subject

Drones Are Taking Over CES 2016 (Robotics Trends)
– Drones presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has grown exponentially each year and this year looks to be the biggest so far. Christina and Bryan talk about CES 2016 (Christina will be there with Stampede), they also talk about GoPro cameras and their entry into the drones market, as well as other discussion concerning software, data, propulsion and more.

Finally, we mention this incredible feat toward the end:

…and had some fun as well with Jeff Bezos’ congratulations tweeted out to Elon Musk for the success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 flight:

Congrats @SpaceX on landing Falcon’s suborbital booster stage. Welcome to the club!

A great hour spent talking with Christina and Bryan and this could lead to further discussions with both as well as more drones experts in the future. For those who check out this discussion I hope you are able to take away some good information. Your comments are certainly welcome below.

Click here to listen to the podcast “shAIRed Space.”