Seymour-Screen Excellence Unveils Retro Masking System CEDIA Expo 2022


Seymour-Screen Excellence is unveiling its Retro Masking System to the CEDIA channel home theater designers and installers at CEDIA Expo 2022. Retro Masking System is a purpose-built custom solution to add motorized 16:9 masking to any brand’s 2.40:1 fixed-frame screen. For clientele already in love with the native scope ratio screen, from any manufacturer, the Retro Masking System offers a simple solution for adding a layer to a theater.

Key aspects of Retro Masking System are:
• Attaches to any brand’s frame
• Tight tolerances prevent mask shadowing
• Proprietary fabric delivers crisp masking edges
• Black velvet covering of masking housing blends with frame
• Accommodates screens up to 288-inches wide

Retro Masking System is $1,295, and here are all the details!