Seymour-Screen Excellence Raises-its-Bar with Even Higher-Performing Acoustically Transparent Film Screen, Enlightor-Neo

Ames, IA – August 7, 2017 – Reference-grade, made-in-the-USA film screen manufacturer Seymour-Screen Excellence is on a mission to raise-the-performance-bar by way of its new Enlightor-Neo 4K / HDR acoustically transparent film screen surface. The company will unveil Enlightor-Neo at CEDIA Expo (booth #4947) in ongoing immersive theater demos.

For a decade now, Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Enlightor-4K A.T. surface has been the reference choice among top CEDIA integrators and movie / TV post production facilities for its class-leading sonic and visual qualities.  According to Seymour-Screen Excellence Managing Director Chris Seymour, “The benchmark for A.T. performance within the Seymour-Screen Excellence line and among CEDIA integrators and the post production facilities is due to be improved yet again by way of Enlightor-Neo.”

Enlightor-Neo takes acoustical transparency film screen technology to another level as its surface is comprised of a newly-woven pattern which contributes to improved audio and video performance.  Like Enlightor-4K, Enlightor-Neo is rated for 4K and higher resolutions and delivers enhanced dynamic range performance (HDR).

Enlightor-Neo boasts a more matte finish (1.0 gain) and a slightly brighter look than Enlightor4K (.9).  It also has more “stretch” to it, meaning it can be pulled tauter then other A.T. surfaces on the market, making it ideal for difficult custom applications such as motorized retractable applications.

“Picking-up where our industry-leading Enlightor-4K leaves off, Enlightor-Neo squeezes the performance bubble more, with 0.5dB more acoustic transparency (still flat), and a whiter looking color,” says Seymour.  “While the pattern is not randomized like Enlightor-4K, its ‘structure’ is shrunk down so small that it passes the challenges I make at tradeshows where I invite people to come up and literally put their nose smack up against the material and tell me if they can see any structure.”

Line Overview
Seymour-Screen Excellence offers a wide variety of fixed-frame designs including magnetic or motorized (single, 2- and 4-way) masking options, frameless designs and a motorized retractable option.  All the company’s products are manufactured in Iowa and shipped within 5-7 business days from receipt of purchase order, with elaborate motorized designs shipped within 2-3 weeks.

The company’s different Enlightor Series of A.T. film screen surfaces are:

Neo (4K, 1.0 gain, ideal for home theater and studio, no minimal seating distance required)

4K (.9 gain, no minimal seating distance required, ideal for home and production)

Bright (1.1 gain, optimized for larger home theaters and film production)

PRO (.9 gain, optimized for film production, commercial cinemas)

Seymour-Screen Excellence has received industry acclaim for both its Enlightor-4K and Ambient-Visionaire ambient light-rejecting (solid surface) film screens.  For more information on all Seymour-Screen Excellence screen surfaces, visit: