Seymour-Screen Excellence Debuts Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) Motorized Masking System

Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) is what the company calls a “luxury,” reference-grade, acoustically-transparent, motorized masking system which, at its largest, spans 20-feet tall and 30-feet wide with 350-inches of viewable image width. Available with either two- or four-way masking, the system is built on-the-wall rather than the traditional method of assembling, lifting and hanging, making for such vast sizes and easier installation.

The largest of the company’s three masking screen platforms, it’s available in two- or four-way masking, with removable velvet fascia and 4:3 ratio with masking up to 120-inches per side. The systems are compatible with all home control systems and ART offers unlimited intermediate masking panel positions including all the way down to 4:3. The unique design of ART allows the installer to build the screen on the wall, as opposed to the traditional method of assembling on the floor, lifting and hanging. ART’s components are not required to be shipped in wooden crates like those of the larger TAM systems which may be shipped completely or partially assembled. Additionally, certain size film screens whether received onsite pre-assembled or not can be difficult to negotiate corners or floors to reach the cinema room. ART solves these issues. For extra rigidity, pure carbon fiber bars are utilized in the assemblies.

Options include two-way masking (side masking panels for constant height, or top/bottom panels for constant width) or four-way independent masking. Image widths range from 160-inches to 350 with custom sizes available. Price ranges from $26K to $142K depending on size. Motor control cards/boxes and IR, 12V and RS232 control accessories and installation are extra. Here are all the details.