Séura Redefines the Visual Experience with New, 2000-Nit Full Sun Televisions for Personal Outdoor Home Theaters

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (September 1, 2021) – With a mission to revolutionize your personal environment, Séura advances the industry yet again with the latest release of their Full Sun Series outdoor televisions, which outperform anything on the market in terms of extraordinary picture quality, remarkable weatherproofing, loftier screen size, and more.

 Life is better lived outdoors and most of us now prioritize our homes due to global circumstances. Séura makes it easy to instantly transform a veranda, balcony, or any outdoor space into your very own private home theater, with the newest and highest standards in outdoor TV technology. Séura left no stone unturned in redesigning the realms of visual experience. 

Séura CEO and co-founder, Gretchen Gilbertson, said, “Our home environments have swiftly become our respective sanctuaries. We now have cohesive needs for lifestyle and entertainment at a time where safety, comfort, and connection with loved ones are the most important aspects of what has become normal life. Séura is meeting those needs by offering relevant, beautiful designs that enhance home life and revolutionize your space.”

 From pool parties to evening chill-out sessions, get the perfect picture quality any time of day with screen technology that eliminates glare and reflection. An unbelievable 2000-nit brightness comes color-calibrated for ideal picture settings in both shade and full sun, plus the immersive experience of 4K UHD resolution offers exquisite picture clarity that blurs the boundaries of reality. Vivid color and lifelike images are further intensified by the high dynamic range (HDR)—so while you’re not actually on screen, you may feel as though you are.

Rooted in contemporary design, Full Sun Series televisions are a striking addition to your outdoor home décor with thoughtful details like narrow bezels, mirrored side panels, clean lines, and a sleek profile. Because this series comes in screen sizes up to 85-inches, this means Séura leads the industry by offering the largest full-sun outdoor TV.

Second-to-none in luxury innovation, Séura places robustness at the forefront for those who expect superlative quality. The Full Sun Series™ is built to bask in direct sunlight, waterproof to a high IP55 rating, tested to thrive in any kind of year-round weather, and fully sealed to keep out rain, snow, ice, and dust. Designed with Extreme Temperature Protection, you get an ultra-quiet system that automatically heats and cools to endure temperatures from -40°F to 140°F. Superior blackout and UV protection prevents the summer sun from cooking the display, so you’ll never have to worry about dark spots or overheating. The entire television is engineered with top safety standards to prevent corrosion and protect against fire and electrical shock. 

The Full Sun Series outdoor televisions are ready to connect to your choice of cable input or smart streaming option like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV products and more, all within the roomy, weather-tight media compartment. Up-level your home theater by pairing the Full Sun Series Outdoor TV with one of Séura’s front-facing weatherproof soundbars, for astounding volume and incredible audio quality that projects directly toward you. Séura’s wide variety of outdoor soundbars, outdoor TV covers, and outdoor TV mounts can complement your system and create a luxury outdoor setting you’ve only imagined until now.

Séura leads the industry with a 2-year warranty, which provides the peace of mind you need for outdoor environments, including direct sunlight, storms, and harsh conditions. Séura’s Full Sun Series gifts you with worry-free performance for reliable and safe entertainment. To learn more about Séura, view product specifications, or to speak with one of our experienced professionals to customize your next design project, visit www.seura.com.