Séura Introduces New, Improved TV Mirrors

Las Vegas— Séura is launching newly-formulated TV Mirror glass at HD Expo, one of the nation’s premier hospitality design conferences. The innovative new glass resembles traditional silver mirror more closely than any previous Séura TV Mirror when the display is turned off, but permits ultra-high definition video to shine through while the display is operating. The result is a true to life reflection when the TV is off and a more vivid video quality when the TV is on.

“Séura is constantly working to improve the performance of our products in terms of both technical performance and design integration,” said Keegan Coulter, Séura VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our new proprietary glass represents a sea change for our customers who want the practicality of a TV without the eyesore. The glass allows us to deliver on designer goals and seamlessly integrate TVs into even more designed spaces.”

Traditionally there was a considerable tradeoff between aesthetics and functionality that designers faced. “In hospitality properties, as well as residences, designers must reconcile their room designs with the necessity of real life usage, which usually means an unsightly television screen at the center of a room,” Coulter said. “Séura’s new TV Mirrors bridge the gap between design excellence and customers’ expectations of functionality by allowing the television to be hidden, artfully, in plain sight.”

New Entertainment and Vanity TV Mirrors featuring Séura’s new glass will be on display during HD Expo in Las Vegas from May 3-5 at booth 2437. For more information about Séura TV Mirrors, visit www.seura.com.