Sessions: European Company Aims to Upgrade Video Meetings

bob synder sessions

It’s the Holy Grail of videoconferencing. Or maybe more like “Lord of the Rings:” One Platform to Rule Them All.

Any way you look at it, it adds up to the same concept: How do we get a single platform that incorporates all the benefits of the single-purpose solutions we now use?

The first company to solve our pain point of fragmented experiences will become the leader of a new generation of video meetings.

Existing platforms now appear more vulnerable as, according to experts, three forces are driving the homogenization of UC&C platforms: common features, a continuous excess of bells and whistles and interoperability between competing platforms.

Sessions, a Bucharest-based communication and collaboration platform started in 2020 has now raised $4.5 million in seed funding from Earlybird Venture Capital, Stride.VC and Launchub Ventures.

Founders Radu Negulescu and Radu Tintescu want to tackle the full chain of corporate video: from sales pitches to product demos, webinars to user research, and training to onboarding, and more.

Sessions believes in the fight against “substandard video exchanges” and hopes to bring the right content and integrate native tools and productivity apps (such as Google Drive and Miro) within the same workspace.

On a laptop Sessions Player

By integrating workflows, apps, information, and actions into a single platform, Sessions aims to redesign the entire videoconferencing experience to focus on efficiency, engagement, and execution for both organizations and their customers.

Sessions aren’t the only company asking the question, “Why use a dozen apps to deliver a fragmented experience? Manage and host everything with one platform.”

But they do offer a free demo to show you how their concept can boost videoconferencing engagement.