Service Follow Up Is No Joke (Or At Least It Shouldn’t Be)

dvdo edge

Some weeks it’s a struggle to come up with a blog post.

Some other weeks, the blog posts almost seem to write themselves.

And some other weeks, one blog posts sets a chain of events into motion that spurs the next blog post, one flowing into the other with a pleasing symmetry.

Last week, as you might recall, I was bemoaning the death of my old DVDO Edge video scaler.

It’s so old that the entire category of home theater scalers has mostly vanished.

The good news is, that a response from DVDO’s tech support was both swift and helpful.

I had asked them what my repair options were for a device that was waaaaay out of warranty.

Ken Nguyen at DVDO concurred with my conclusion that the power supply was toast.

He let me know that my options were to send the unit to them to fix, or, and better yet, he supplied me with a link to a parts distributor where I could buy a replacement power supply, and swap out the dead part for myself.

dvdo power supply

Such a small thing, yet so essential

Hmm…US$150 for DVDO to service it (US$/CA$ exchange is brutal right now, by the way) or CA$40. And I can do it myself.

So that’s what I did. And it was easy.

DVDO (3)

It really was as simple as that!

So, hooray, my DVDO Edge is working again and my Media Room is back online.

I would like to give a big Thank You to Ken and DVDO for being quick, responsive, and helpful, especially for the owner of a Legacy (read: antique) unit.

That’s in DIRECT CONTRAST to an entirely different tech support issue I had with an entirely different company this same week.

I have a pair of headphones.

Well, I have many pairs of headphones. Probably too many.

The headphones in question are high-end, audiophile headphones with Bluetooth and noise-cancelling.

They’re also really expensive.

And, as much as it is killing me inside right now to restrain myself, I still have a business connection to them, so I choose not to name them and publicly flog them for letting me down.

My headphones are almost four years old, and I’ve used them hard. And now the headphone jack has failed: one channel cuts out unless you jiggle the connector.

I reached out to my counterpart at the company and, alas, they have no out-of-warranty service option available.

Nor are they able to supply me with a replacement part, with which I could have a local service tech make the repair.

High end, expensive audiophile headphones, and they can’t be serviced.

gorilla headphones

Disclaimer: NOT my actual headphones! I just liked the picture

I loathe our modern, disposable approach to electronics.

Granted, they’re Bluetooth, so I can still use them, I just have to break Federal aviation laws if I want to use them on an airplane.

So there you have it. Which service model do you want your company to emulate?