Sennheiser’s ‘Gear Up and Cash In’ Program Provides Upgrade Path for Wireless Microphone Users in Light of Spectrum Reallocation

sennheiserLogoOld Lyme, Conn., June 28, 2016 – Audio specialist Sennheiser announced ‘Gear Up and Cash In’, a new rebate program offering customers up to $200 towards the purchase of select new Sennheiser wireless systems. The program, designed to help provide end-users with an upgrade path in light of the future reallocation, applies to qualifying products purchased through authorized dealers between June 1st and August 30th, 2016.

The ‘Gear Up and Cash In’ program is one of the several measures Sennheiser has undertaken to assist its customer base and the audio community at large as it faces a repurposing of spectrum in the UHF band following an ‘incentive auction’ that will impact thousands of wireless microphone users across the U.S. in the coming years. In addition to the ‘Gear Up and Cash In’ program, Sennheiser also already announced a new A1 frequency variant for its popular ew 100 G3 wireless microphone series and the ew 300 IEM G3 wireless monitoring series, available starting July.

Cash In on Confidence

While there may be uncertainty as to the outcome of the spectrum allocation, end-users can be confident in their purchase of Sennheiser wireless systems and Sennheiser’s commitment to stand behind their products and their valued customers. Rebates are valid on new wireless systems including ew 100 G3, ew 300 G3, ew 500 G3, AVX, ew D1 and TX/RX models of the 2000 series purchased from an authorized dealer. Following are rebate values for the various wireless systems included in the program:

ew 100 G3: $100

AVX: $150

ew 300 G3: $150

ew D1: $200

ew 500 G3: $200

2000 series: $200

To receive a rebate on eligible products, customers will need to mail the following to Sennheiser following their purchase (must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2016):

A completed rebate form, which can be downloaded from the Sennheiser website at:

The original UPC and EAN code, cut from the box of the new Sennheiser system (no photocopies will be accepted)

A copy of the original, date sales receipt for the new Sennheiser system.

As a leading audio manufacturer for more than 70 years, Sennheiser stands with the audio community and will continue to provide updates concerning the spectrum reallocation. To access Sennheiser’s dedicated knowledge base and web page, please visit, which hosts a range of resources as well as the latest information on spectrum reallocation activities.

For more information on Gear Up and Cash In, including rebate form and mailing instructions, please visit