Sennheiser TCC2 Now Available on Utelogy’s Utelligence Program

sennheiser utelogy

Utelogy Corporation added the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) and upcoming support for the Sennheiser SpeechLine series to its Utelligence Program for AV and UC Device Standardization.

Because of Sennheiser’s open API interface, their microphones can be integrated anywhere with the use of REST API. The companies say this makes Sennheiser an easy partner to be integrated into Utelogy’s Utelligence program

The Sennheiser API supports controlling the microphone output, monitoring microphone levels, adjusting audio settings and getting detailed analytics on asset data, such as the current firmware version. The TCC2 integrates with Utelogy’s management and automation solution, U-Automate and can be controlled with Utelogy’s hardware agnostic control platform. With the usage of the Sennheiser’s ceiling microphone, combined with the installation of the Utelogy software, it “transforms any AV estate into a manageable environment providing a reduced total cost of ownership with an exceptional user experience.”