Sennheiser Adds SpeechLine Wired

sennheiser-speechline-0215Sennheiser is completing its series of installation microphones with a new tablestand-gooseneck combination. The SpeechLine Wired series is for installed sound applications will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Whether it is speech intelligibility, workmanship or design, the installed sound microphones offer top quality in every respect. What is more, the different models of the series also offer flexible solutions for every installation.

The boundary microphones, which share the product name MEB (microphone electrostatic boundary), are available as in-table and on-table models. They each come in three different colors: white, black or Nextel grey, thus providing optimum integration into any meeting environment. The tablestand combinations, which have the product name MAT (microphone accessory tablestand), are available in black and Nextel grey.

The design of the Sennheiser microphones ensures that they blend excellently into any room. The MEB 114 on-table microphone has already won the iF Product Design Award. Flexibility in choosing the right microphone type is also guaranteed by optimum connectivity: the SpeechLine Wired microphones are compatible with all systems on the market. The Sennheiser microphone series therefore offers scalable solutions for every installation.

Audio specialist Sennheiser is now launching the final components of its SpeechLine Wired series: the MAT 153-S tablestand has an XLR 5 input and a programmable, two-color LED ring switch and is phantom-powered. Combined with the new MEG 14-40-L-II gooseneck microphone with a matching green light ring, Sennheiser offers a conference solution that makes installations easier than ever before. Its phantom power enables the tablestand-gooseneck combination to be connected to a microphone cable in the usual manner, thus eliminating the need for additional and costly cabling.

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Regardless of the model, color or combination, all SpeechLine Wired installation microphones are available with or without a ‘mute’ switch. The switch, which is indicated by an “S” in the product name, has a two-color LED ring. When the microphone is switched on, the ring is illuminated in green. If the microphone is muted, the color automatically changes to red. This color combination is intuitively recognized by all users, thus making the microphone extremely user-friendly. On the in-table microphones, the LED ring is directly on the microphone itself. The ‘mute’ switch, which also has a light ring, is integrated into the table top.

With its range of microphones in the SpeechLine Wired series, audio specialist Sennheiser offers top-quality solutions for every installation, precisely meeting customer requirements in every case.

The SpeechLine Wired series is here.