Sennheiser Adds MKH 8030 RF Condenser Microphone With Bidirectional Pickup Pattern

sennheiser mkh 8030

Sennheiser debuted the MKH 8030 RF condenser microphone with a figure-eight pick-up pattern. The MKH 8030 will unlock M-S, double M-S and Blumlein stereo recording options — be it a PA system whose sound needs to be eliminated or an adjacent instrument that must not be picked up. The sound signature of the MKH 8030 has been carefully engineered to blend in harmoniously with the sound of the existing MKH 8000 series microphones.

The MKH 8030 shares the qualities of the MKH 8000 family and its RF condenser principle with the push-pull transducer. These include high moisture resistance, a fully floating, balanced output signal, extended low and high-frequency response (30 to 50,000 Hz), and low inherent self-noise. These features will enable sound recordists and engineers to capture a sound event in its entirety and with all its intricate detail, with wide dynamics, extremely low distortion and a frequency-independent polar pattern to avoid coloration.