Sennheiser Debuts New Version of MobileConnect Streaming Solution

sennheiser mobileconnect streaming solution

At this year’s ISE, Sennheiser debuted a new version of its MobileConnect streaming solution, offering students an individual assistive listening capability through the convenience of their own smartphone. The system provides operators the ability to implement complex architectures and to manage them from a central location. The Wi-Fi-based MobileConnect system delivers high audio quality with low latency and will be available in March.

The audio signals from the lecturer’s microphone are sent to the MobileConnect Station. There, the signals are converted into network-compatible, digital packets. The audio data are transmitted to the Wi-Fi access points via the Station’s network output, allowing them to be accessed anywhere throughout the campus’s Wi-Fi network. The students simply enter the channel number in the smartphone app or scan a QR code to enable them to listen to the audio signal through headphones, induction accessories or a cochlear implant and to adjust the sound to their individual needs.

MobileConnect consists of three components. The MobileConnect Station has the job of converting the audio signals into network-compatible, digital packets. At the same time, the MobileConnect Manager software enables the system to be centrally controlled, and the MobileConnect App ensures that the audio stream can be optimally personalized and played on the student’s smartphone.

The MobileConnect Station is the hardware of the system; it collects the audio signals. A station has two audio channels, and the software can control a multitude of stations, which means that even large campuses can be covered. The audio data can be fed in either through two analog XLR inputs — for example, for a lecturer and simultaneous interpreting — or through the station’s redundant Dante ports. Two LAN ports are available for control, the audio stream and PoE, which means that two separate networks can be used for the audio stream and administration. The audio data go to the access points of the Wi-Fi system via the audio stream output and can, therefore, be accessed anywhere on the campus.

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MobileConnect is here.

Here’s a video we shot of the Mobile Connect Station at ISE 2020: