Sennheiser Launches CHG 2N Charger, Updates to Control Cockpit Software for Remote Device Management

Sennheiser Product Updates TwoSennheiser has announced two updates, saying the company wants to make “digital workflows on campus as simple and productive as possible.” With the new CHG 2N charger, Sennheiser says it meets the requests of higher education institutions for a two-bay networkable charger for its SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system. The company has also launched a major update of its Sennheiser Control Cockpit software. Version 5.0 not only allows AV and IT staff to control the new charger but also enables them to monitor the status of the MobileConnect Manager, linking this assistive listening system with the microphone systems in Sennheiser’s education portfolio.

The new CHG 2N is a two-bay version of the SpeechLine CHG 4N four-bay charger. The CHG 2N is network-enabled and features individual bays for recharging SpeechLine bodypack and handheld microphones. Each bay has four LEDs to indicate the battery charging status. The network interface provides IPv4 and IPv6 compatibility for seamless integration. All settings and battery status information can be monitored and remotely controlled using the latest version of Sennheiser Control Cockpit (v5.0.1).

Sennheiser Product Updates OneVersion 5.0 now links to the MobileConnect Manager, enabling operators to monitor both microphone and assistive listening systems from one software and allowing them to receive status notifications via text or email.

Software version 5.0 also helps save energy by enabling AV and IT staff to remotely power down transmitters. Also, transmitters can be set up in such a way that they switch off automatically after a set amount of time when there is no link going to the receiver. To avoid accidental operation during use, the Power and Pairing buttons on the portable SpeechLine transmitters can now be locked remotely.

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For the SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, Sennheiser Control Cockpit now supports the reset of individual channels to audio default settings, while evolution wireless G3 and G4 benefit from more precise mute mode labels for better differentiation between RF mute, RX mute and TX mute.