Selling Digital Signage in 2012

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Analysts project a 23 percent growth in digital signage spending this year… some providers will struggle while others exceed this industry average. Yet others will enjoy triple-digit growth building on a solid base of previous planning and contacts, or by hitting that “home run.”

All who succeed in 2012 in digital signage supply or use will have several behaviors in common.

Winners in 2012 will have current knowledge of the medium. The “W5s” of digital signage will be always on their mind and their constant pursuit.

The W5s include knowing who can benefit, what different kinds of messages should be presented, where and when specific content should be delivered and why digital signage should be used to meet marketing and communications goals.

The way in which digital signage is used has been evolving quickly and its improved use of content, dayparting, audience targeting and analytics mean that professionals will and should, be constantly looking for best practices and innovation.

Successful professionals will attend major industry conferences and trade shows to get an update and capture the latest W5s, while publications, seminars and webinars will continually add to this critical knowledge base. Organizations that send representatives to education functions will expect briefings and summaries to be provided to other team members to more quickly integrate the best approaches.

The value provided by digital signage will continue to drive investment in it. Through illustrating how high return on investment (ROI) is provided and how digital signage serves as a more cost-effective communications alternative, projects will be funded, proceed, succeed and expand.

Structures for planning will guide the success of professionals and the advancement of projects. Ad-hoc approaches do not provide a suitable basis of planning, project communications and sustainable success.

A proven 1-2-3 approach includes first clarifying and refining communications and business objectives, then defining the “content” that will be required to achieve these goals, and finally, providing the technology infrastructure to support message delivery and the most efficient network operations.

Given the past investment in digital signage – about 1.4 million displays are currently operational in North America according to DisplaySearch, success in 2012 will be based on refining network operations to maximize benefits and ROI leading to further investment.

Digital signage has achieved a proven track record of value, critical mass of deployment and good supply approaches. It has achieved the approval of audiences and has found its way into the communications continuum.

2012 will be another successful year of industry growth, benefiting supply and end user professionals who use best practices, discipline and their energies well.