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rave-rave-rave-rave-rave-0814Did you know that what you think of rAVe is not all that rAVe is?

OK, are you one of our readers that reads our eNewsletter? You are, great! But, did you know that we actually have seven, yes, seven, different newsletters? Yep, we have seven, count them – seven:

  • rAVe ProAV – this is bi-monthly and covers the commercial AV and new media industries
  • rAVe HomeAV – this is bi-monthly and covers the residential AV and smart home markets
  • rAVe ED [Education] – this is monthly and covers products and technology aimed at the K-12 & Higher Education markets
  • rAVe DS [Digital Signage] – this is monthly and covers products, technology and case studies in the digital signage market
  • rAVe HOW [House of Worship] – this is a monthly publication that focuses exclusively on products for Houses of Worship
  • rAVe GHG [Government, Healthcare and Green] – this is monthly and covers what it’s name indicates
  • rAVe Rental & Staging – this is monthly and covers products, technology and people in the rental and staging markets

And, all of them are free and all of them (or any one of them) can be subscribed to by clicking here.

But, guess what? We are way, way, way more than just email newsletters – oh, while I am still talking newsletters, it should be noted that our eNewsletters are opt-in — you have to subscribe yourself. So, we didn’t populate our reader lists with former print readers or with lists purchased from internet-based list sellers. Sorry, I guess that might be a bit offensive to most of the other AV pubs out there as they got their start the old-fashioned way: forcing people to get an eNewsletter since they get a print pub. Bummer!

So, back to rAVe being way, way, way more than eNewsletters: Yep, we do way more than that. For starters, a few hundred thousand people love reading our website every month. In fact, I hope you consider making it your daily HOME PAGE for what’s going on in AV. Go check it out – seriously – look at it. It’s real-time news about all aspects of the AV market. We’re covering products, people, technology, case studies, we have blogs, columns, news stories, podcasts, videos and you opine yourself as we allow commenting on every single story we publish.

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Hey, did I mention our podcast network? It’s called rAVe RADIO and you can listen here: https://www.ravepubs.com/rave-edge/rave-radio/. Nearly every day, we are posting podcasts on various subjects that are relative to your daily jobs. They include interviews, opinions, products and people. But, you can also listen to them via the iTunes Podcast store or any podcast aggregator you choose. So, if you’re in love with podcasts, just search “rAVe RADIO” and you’ll find us.

And, videos. Each year, we shoot over 3500 – yes, three thousand, five hundred videos of new products. We go to the top 5 AV tradeshows on earth and shoot one- to two-minute videos on every new product we can find. And, we post them all on our website under our rAVe NOW service: https://www.ravepubs.com/now/ Or, go to YouTube and search rAVePubs.

But, we also do surveys of the markets, give out our awards to the best products each year, produce InfoGraphics on industry stats and even have a network of people who work in the industry – like you – who regularly blog for us – we call them the rAVe BlogSquad.

And, to simplify following all our news, you can watch our Twitter account as we post short bursts of news we post on our website right there.

So, consider how you like news? Are you passive – like to sit back and have everything come to you – then subscribe to the newsletters. Are you the kind of person who always wants to be “in the know”? Well, then, you need to point your browser here or be watching our Twitter feed regularly and if your someone who’s overwhelmed by it all and just want a synopsis, then follow us on Facebook as we post a Weekly Wrap-up right here.

This is why we are the Number One AV news source – period.