Seervision Suite Now Integrates with Shure Ceiling Array Microphones

Seervision and Shure Technical Collaboration

Seervision has entered a technical collaboration with Shure to offer an integration of Seervision Suite and Shure’s ceiling array microphones.

This collaboration enables users bundling Seervision’s AI-powered camera automation software with Shure’s microphones to create adaptive and autonomous videoconferences and events that enhance the hybrid meeting experience for both remote and in-person participants.

“We are delighted to partner with Shure to get the very best audio from their range of microphones in combination with our software,” said Nikos Kariotoglou, co-founder and CEO at Seervision. “By bringing together our automation features and Shure’s positional audio information, endless possibilities have now emerged to make hybrid videoconferencing more immersive than ever before. We see this integration enabling a wide range of use cases in corporate and educational environments, marking another step towards our goal of enabling fully automated AV productions.“

Watch the video below to learn more about Seervision and Shure’s collaboration.

This addition to the Seervision Suite allows for maximum videoconferencing flexibility, adapting to any room configuration without the need for fixed seating arrangements or presets. Leveraging Shure’s positional audio information, the integration is designed to work with multiple cameras simultaneously, automatically pointing the camera at the active speaker, and actively switching between multiple participants, whether they are seated or moving freely.

Using Shure’s flagship MXA920 Ceiling Array microphones and any kind of compatible PTZ cameras, audio and visual triggers now enable users to perfectly frame every speaker in the room autonomously. The joint solution is aimed at bridging the gap between remote and in-person participants, with its ability to showcase the presenters and participants speaking up-close in real-time.

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The combination of Shure’s and Seervision’s technology now allows for the transformation of any existing boardroom, training room, HyFlex classroom, or multipurpose space into a fully automated hybrid meeting venue.

“One of our primary goals remains to provide audio solutions that easily integrate with other conferencing systems ensuring meeting participants can communicate efficiently,” concluded Michel Baars, associate director, integrated systems marketing, Western Europe at Shure. “Seervision brings an innovative technology that truly enhances the videoconferencing experience, and with this partnership, we are excited we can contribute to create a fully automated workflow for hybrid spaces. Corporates, governments, higher education and other organizations can have a collaborative AV system that enables a real discussion regardless of where participants are joining the meeting from.”