See You at InfoComm!

infocomm show floor

If we’ve learned nothing else from this pandemic, we’ve certainly learned the importance of adaptation in the face of ever-changing circumstances. Like any crisis situation, countless times we’ve needed to quickly assess a situation, measure risks and make the best decision possible with the information available at that particular moment. Even once decisions were made, we’ve needed to remain open to changing course as circumstances evolved. The upcoming InfoComm show in Orlando is a prime example of the sort of “dynamic decision-making” described above.

Long story short is that YES, we will see you at InfoComm! But the decision wasn’t one we arrived at easily. I’ll explain …

In early 2021, pandemic optimism was on the rise. Vaccines were rolling out, spring weather was enabling us all to spend more time outside instead of cooped up inside, and case numbers were on the retreat. So, there was little hesitation about whether we wanted to have a physical presence at InfoComm in the fall.

But alas, along came the delta variant, right around the same time vaccination rates in the U.S. had begun to plateau. Case numbers began to increase — particularly in Florida — which caused us to second-guess our decision to exhibit at InfoComm.

As the summer wore on, the gravity of the situation began to sink in. In a matter of a few short months, we’d gone from enthusiastically planning for InfoComm to thinking about pulling out entirely. While nixing our InfoComm plans altogether would have been the easy choice, we dug deeper and arrived at a plan we’re pretty excited about.

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So, as I said before, you WILL see BrightSign at InfoComm, but we’ve scaled things back just a bit to limit the number of employees in attendance, and to create a safer space for us to connect with our friends in the industry we’ve dearly missed this past year and a half. To that end, we’re forgoing a traditional booth in favor of a private meeting room. We’ll be sending a much smaller crew this year, mainly salespeople who are comfortable traveling and who are eager to meet in person with key partners and prospects. We believe this is the best way to meet, in a more controlled environment that prioritizes safe interaction and minimizes the health risks.

Also, it’s important to note that InfoComm show organizers are requiring vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter the event. Click here if you want to learn more about health and safety steps the good folks at AVIXA are taking to produce the best possible show under these challenging circumstances. We applaud their leadership for prioritizing the well-being of exhibitors and attendees.

InfoComm this year will be different than we’re used to, but we’re excited to get back to the events that bring us all together. We’re counting the days to InfoComm, and we can’t wait to see you there! On that note, if you plan to attend InfoComm and you’d like to meet, either reach out directly to your main BrightSign point of contact or send us an email at