Searching for Employment

tom-richardson-0613For all the success out there, I must take a few moments and see what is out there for me. Allow me to elaborate.

I’ve worked in AV for over 18 years and have seen all the major changes that have come over the years. I have spent all my life in Technical Sales and Marketing positions and believe I’m very good at them. I do have several certifications such as an FCC radio/telephone license as well as MSCE and A+ computer certifications. I currently live in Utah and would love an opportunity to expand and work a territory with Salt Lake City as a base.

Should you know of any leads or know of anyone whom I might be able to assist in a capacity of technical sales, account management, sales manager or technical field engineer, I’d love to talk to them. My contact information is listed below and my LinkedIn page can be found here.

Thank you for taking a few moments to listen to my plea.

801-550-9705 cell phone