SDVoE Alliance Will Feature ASIC-Based Technology at ISE 2023

semtech blueriver

The SDVoE Alliance is set to feature ASIC-based technology at ISE 2023. SDVoE’s ASIC-based solution is widely available, enabling SDVoE Alliance member companies to meet customer delivery demands amid ongoing supply chain disruptions.

The SDVoE Alliance is powered by the BlueRiver ASIC from Semtech, a Steering Member of the SDVoE Alliance. A BlueRiver ASIC combines AV processing, encoding/decoding, and network connectivity onto a single chip, which interfaces to the SDVoE API in a standardized way – regardless of who integrates the ASIC into their product. The combination of BlueRiver ASIC and SDVoE API gives SDVoE products natural interoperability. As a result, more than 85% of SDVoE members can ship products within two weeks. Additionally, over 70% of SDVoE members have provided high-quality solutions without increasing their prices over the last year.

More prominent industries, such as consumer electronics and automotive, have taken priority in semiconductor allocation, which has accelerated supply chain challenges in the professional AV industry. These challenges have resulted in severely delayed milestones in project completion for integrators. A BlueRiver ASIC is available and shipping today to SDVoE Alliance members. The flexibility, availability and sustainability of BlueRiver ASIC has enabled SDVoE members to have products in stock and ready to ship. As a result, the SDVoE Alliance is poised to support a global customer base with a flexible ASIC solution to meet customer delivery demands amid ongoing supply chain disruptions.