SDVoE Alliance Gains Medical Tech Company is Adding VG Medical

SDVoE Alliance Gains Medical Tech Company is Adding VG Medical

The SDVoE Alliance added VG Medical Technology to the SDVoE Alliance as an adopting member. Founded in 1993, VG Medical Technology is a technology-forward solutions provider for healthcare applications. VG Medical Technology prioritizes the needs of patients and medical staff through the development of modern, safe and cost-effective medical equipment, including shadowless lamps, operating tables, medical suspension towers or clinical information systems. Invested in the continuous improvement of quality, innovative and intelligent manufacturing, VG Medical has joined the SDVoE Alliance to further provide industry-leading medical solutions for operating rooms and intensive care units.

“AV technology in the medical environment is a fast-growing vertical in China. VG Medical Technology is at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, and we are proud to welcome them as the latest adopting member of the SDVoE Alliance,” said Stephane Tremblay, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “VG Medical Technology has built a reputation for developing high-quality healthcare solutions to meet the growing needs of medical patients and healthcare professionals. We look forward to collaborating with VG Medical Technology as they expand their diverse range of solutions.”

Jason Wang, CEO of VG Medical Technology noted, “SDVoE technology provides us a high quality solution of AV transmission without time-delay. It’s very important in the modern Operation Room. Compared with other solutions, it’s very cost-effective.”