AVPro Edge Joins SDVoE Alliance as Contributing Member

sdvoe alliance avpro edge

The SDVoE Alliance announced AVPro Edge has joined the SDVoE Alliance as a contributing member.

AVPro Edge’s latest product, the MXNet 10G AV-over-IP ecosystem, is for commercial and residential applications using SDVoE technology. It provides system endpoints and a software platform for audio, video, USB, KVM and control signals. SDVoE’s ASIC-based technology consolidates a host of features and formerly individual component platforms into a readily-available form factor, avoiding supply chain issues associated with designs based on FPGA architecture.

In recent years, the SDVoE Alliance says industry demands for remote data collection and real-time content management have dramatically increased AV-over-IP applications. AV-over-IP technology supports “high-quality audio/video transmission over long distances without latency, making it ideal for content streaming applications.” SDVoE 10G network architectures are based on off-the-shelf Ethernet switches, thus claiming to offer substantial cost savings and greater system flexibility and scalability over traditional approaches, such as point-to-point extension and circuit-based AV matrix switching.

The SDVoE Alliance is here www.sdvoe.org while AVPro Edge is here: www.AVProEdge.com