SDK Available for SMART Table

Could the SMART Table become the iPhone of the ProAV market?  SMART hopes so, with the release of their own SDK (software development kit) for the new SMART Table multi-touch table design.  The SMART Table is definitely a groundbreaking interactive display table designed specifically for pre-K-3 students (ages 4-8). And to encourage the rapid development of educational content for their product, SMART is inviting developers to participate in the evolution of the SMART Table by developing multiuser, multi-touch table applications. The SDK supports development in C++, C#, VB and Java languages, and includes source code for multi-touch interface elements such as photographs and text regions.

The SMART Table was announced in October 2008 as the first multi-user, multi-touch table for elementary school children. It provides a learner-centric experience that allows small groups of students to use the table’s interactive surface to select or move objects, draw or write on the screen simultaneously and work together to find answers to preset questions. The SDK includes a comprehensive manual that outlines usability guidelines, application packaging, application types and additional useful information. SMART will also host a website to showcase some of the best applications created by third-party developers for the table. The website will provide visibility for developers creating applications for the table and easy access for educators looking for table content.

At a recent technology show, I actually got my hands (and I mean both hands) on one of these.  Yes it is small, yes the application was very basic and yes, it is very cool!  Wondering if there is a “big kid” version in the works?  –GB