ScreenScape Networks Releases ScreenScape5


ScreenScape Networks announced ScreenScape5, a SaaS digital signage solution, is available. ScreenScape5 is a complete overhaul of the ScreenScape system.

In 2014, ScreenScape launched what they called a “smart device” designed for use alongside a subscription to its SaaS-based service. The device, called ScreenScape Connect, was designed to turn any TV into a digital sign — think: Wi-Fi-based media player that streams content from the Web.

ScreenScape5 features include:

  • All-new aesthetics: new style choices, screen layouts, media templates and smoother animations including what they say, “No ugly breaks between media items.”
  • ScreenScape5 users can connect their accounts to Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook and other data sources. Users can also incorporate stock assets from a ScreenScape-curated media library into their media.
  • ScreenScape’s new media editor is flexible — including new fonts and layered assets.
  • ScreenScape5 includes a variety of professionally designed, fully customizable templates for use in creating visuals. It’s easier for a user to quickly repurpose a template for their own needs or start from scratch and add media layers, including dynamic data layers that keep screens up-to-date in real-time.

The new platform also boasts new capabilities for setting up a digital sign by smartphone. A Google-inspired sharing model turns the management of a digital signage network into a multi-party collaborative process. It includes enhanced security and short cuts for managing large sets of media across large scale networks.

ScreenScape offers the new service for $40 per device per month and more details are here.