Screen Innovations Updates Janus Power and Control Hub

screen innovations janus plenum

Screen Innovations offers a new version of its Janus power and control hub, which is expressly engineered for commercial integrators’ needs. Tested and certified by the NEC, NFPA and UL for fire-resistance and low-smoke production, Janus Plenum meets all safety regulations for plenum installation.

The new plenum-rated Janus includes all of the original Janus features, but with a new enclosure suitable for in-wall, riser and general plenum spaces. This new design, along with its compact size, offers commercial integrators a variety of mounting options to minimize cabling runs and simplify installation. It can easily fit where other power and control hubs can’t, utilize all wiring topologies, including Cat5 or Cat6, or most any multiconductor wire, and handle large shade jobs — up to eight shades via a single Janus unit or as many as needed by locating multiple Janus units together.

Janus Plenum offers a host of additional features, including redundant power supply options, infinitely scalable infrastructure and more than 100 mounting configurations.