Screen Innovations to Showcase “Evolution of Products” at InfoComm 2023

Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations celebrates 20 years as a provider of design- and installation-friendly projection screens at InfoComm 2023 with a focused showcase of the evolution of several products. SI’s longevity in the systems integration industry begins with a demonstration of one of its oldest display solutions still “widely used” today, Black Diamond. At the other end of the evolutionary timeline is the newest member of the SI family, the “technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing” Solo 3 motorized projection screen. Combined with other screen solutions in the SI portfolio, these standouts support the unique installation and performance requirements of a competitive commercial market and “afford professional AV integrators the flexibility and versatility to customize systems perfectly for every application.”

“As technology progresses and the needs of systems integrators change rapidly, SI is constantly developing new solutions that make a real impact in the marketplace. This commitment is reflected in our range of products,” says SI International Sales Manager Shannon Gustafson. “Whether an integrator needs a projection screen for a museum, large entertainment venue, bar or lounge, college campus, house of worship, or other commercial environments; needs to power the cassette motor with batteries or low-voltage wire; or has certain design and space constraints, SI has the right solution.”

screen innovations 2Displayed prominently in InfoComm booth 1282 is SI’s newest motorized screen cassette, Solo 3. Featuring “advanced technology” and multiple mounting and power options, the slim, discreet footprint of Solo 3 accommodates SI’s array of projection screen materials, including, rear projection, ultra-short-throw and ambient light rejection (ALR). At InfoComm, SI pairs a lithium battery-powered Solo 3 cassette with a 100-inch ultra-short-throw, ambient light rejecting screen material. This configuration is well-suited for applications such as corporate boardrooms, higher-ed classrooms and training facilities where the audience needs light to view reference materials. Attendees can see how SI differentiates its Solo 3 cassette and screens through the use of several features that “exude a clean modern aesthetic, enable reliable performance, streamline installation and withstand wear and tear in the most challenging of commercial environments.”

Screen Innovations celebrates 20 years as a manufacturer of projection screen solutions at InfoComm 2023 by highlighting the product that started it all—Black Diamond. One of the first ambient light rejecting screen materials available, according to SI, Black Diamond helped integrators “broaden their scope of business” by delivering “uncompromised brightness, clarity, and contrast” in environments where it had historically been challenging to achieve this level of performance. Breaking barriers in projection screen integration, the legacy Black Diamond symbolizes SI’s ongoing commitment to providing the types of technologies and problem-solving screen and shade solutions they need to “stay current and cutting edge.” A reflection of this is SI’s InfoComm demonstration of a Black Diamond screen paired with its ultra-modern fixed Zero Edge Pro fixed frame. Featuring a 0.5-inch bezel, Zero Edge Pro adds a twist to this premiere ALR projection material, as well as SI’s many other projection fabrics. One of the biggest selling features of a Black Diamond screen with a Zero Edge Pro frame is cost. SI says integrators can offer their customers a 120-inch Black Diamond screen (including a projector) for less than today’s largest 98-inch LED display.

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Screen Innovations provides InfoComm 2023 attendees with a video presentation of new applications and business opportunities enabled by the remarkable installation versatility and performance virtues of its unique rear-projection screen materials FlexGlass and Black Diamond Film. These “highly customizable” imaging solutions give integrators viable alternatives to traditional projection systems for particularly challenging and specialty applications. FlexGlass is lightweight, durable and bendable, boasts a low profile of just 2-1/2 millimeters thick and is available in sizes up to 30,785 millimeters wide by 2,616 millimeters tall. These features make it “well-suited for digital signage, projection blending and projects that require a curved screen.” SI’s Black Diamond Film, meanwhile, adheres like window tint to any rigid surface, making it “extremely adaptable and applicable for a wide range of projects.”

screen innovations 3Due to their “ultra-thin and flexible yet durable compositions,” FlexGlass and Black Diamond Film can be configured and shaped in a variety of ways for complex and specialty applications. Plus, they can be rolled up for shipping and delivery to the job site, minimizing the cost and labor typically incurred when shipping and handling a standard rigid rear-projection screen, according to SI.

SI Nano 2 Shade Controls Incoming Light for Enhanced Screen Performance
Screen Innovations continues to “push design and technological boundaries” with a new Nano 2. This motorized window shade solution helps integrators better control light in a room by minimizing screen glare caused by sunlight, making it “a great add-on sale for projection environments that need a way to better manage natural light.”
Nano 2 embodies a suite of new features in direct response to requests from dealers and “maintains the same sleek, modern aesthetic that has made the Nano line a favorite among systems integrators.”

SI says that a feature especially helpful to integrators is Nano 2’s removable front cover, which provides easy access to the motor, technology and fabric inside the cassette. Leveling adjustments, maintenance and fabric swaps during a remodel can be handled effortlessly as well, without detaching the cassette from the window. Other refinements enable smoother, quieter raising and lowering of the shade and quicker programming and integration with other 485-controlled devices.

The new Nano 2 matches the design of SI’s original Nano cassette, “lending a clean, consistent aesthetic in projects where both versions are employed.” For an extra sleek aesthetic, many integration pros are now pairing SI’s Nano 2 motorized shades with SI’s Solo 3 motorized projection screens.