Screen Innovations Announces a Motorized Short Throw ALR Screen

Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that its ambient-light-rejecting Short Throw (ST) screen material is now available on Solo Pro. The Solo family of screens are highly customizable motorized screens that can be carried and installed in five minutes by a single person.

SI says that the combination of Solo Pro with SI’s ALR Short Throw material overcomes some of the obstacles that have been traditionally associated with two-piece projection. With Solo’s lithium-rechargeable and low-voltage options, electricians are no longer required, enabling two-piece projection nearly anywhere.

Short Throw, which uses a microscopic lenticular optical technology (think window blinds), is best suited for ultra-short throw projection applications where the projector is located directly below the screen at throw ratios as close as 0.1 times the image width. This technology can successfully reproduce 8K resolution while rejecting up to 90 percent of the ambient light in the room, according to SI.

Here are the details.